Capital One Class Action

A class action has been commenced in Ontario on behalf of Canadians affected by a Capital One data breach that led to the personal information of credit card holders and applicants being released to the public.

The Capital One Breach

From January 1, 2005 to July 30, 2019 Capital One collected and retained the personal information of approximately 6 million Canadians, including credit ratings, incomes, prior banking arrangements, existing credit cards, address, telephone number and Social Insurance Numbers.

Capital One entered into an agreement with Amazon Web Services to store all of the personal information that Capital One had collected on Amazon’s servers outside of the territorial borders of Canada.

In early 2019, an employee of Amazon Web Services gained access to Capital One’s data on Amazon’s servers, extracted the data and posted the data on a website named GitHub for the public to freely access.

Capital One has confirmed that the compromised data includes Canadian credit card data and personal data from 2016, 2017 and 2018.